Our History


with headquarters in Cleveland and began working with Specialty Deli and Cheese Companies.


a perishable and foodservice broker strategically located in northwest Chicago.


professionals covering the Midwest, driven by success, technology, and industry leadership.

Detailed Timeline

  • Results Marketing and Sales was started in 2009 and headquartered in Cleveland, OH.
  • In 2011, Alliance Sales & Marketing entered into a strategic partnership with Results.
  • Results acquired a Chicago-based Specialty, Deli-Bakery and Foodservice broker in 2014.
  • Today, Results has 55 professionals and two offices (Chicago and Cleveland).
  • Results is privately-owned with $0 debt which allows the company to continue to add resources, improve systems, and build for the future.

Missing that one big customer?
Using our connections, top brands have made their way into some of the biggest retailers.