Retail Tablets

Store Specific SKU Distribution
Web Portal void opportunities via Google Bus Cloud
Survey Questions
Retail Insights
Promotional Compliance

Current Technology

  • Reps are able to track your items on every call and upload to file daily.
  • Weekly reports are available to YOU
  • Rotate product on every call
  • Shelf management , check facings
  • track  authorized sku’s
  • Price checks
  • TPR confirmations
  • POG integrity
  • Correct and communicate any OOS situations
  • Leave behind suggested order form
  • Work with store clerks

Future Goals and Objectives

  • Effective store coverage out side of Jewel team
  • Downstream Communication, have structure in place to manage beyond.
  • Upstream reporting, uploading customize each tablet by retailer specific information.
  • Score carding by retailer and RMS representative.
  • Hotline field intelligence
  • Store level selling expertise
  • Effective reset cost management

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